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Tides are a phenomenon in the ocean whereby water levels shift between low and high every 6 hours and will continue to repeat this cycle indefinitely as it is mainly the gravitational forces of the moon and sun which create this tidal phenomenon.

The movement of energy in masses of water from the tides can be converted into electrical power with the use of tidal turbines. Norwegian Tidal Solutions goal is to make this everlasting renewable energy economically attractive in a way that it can be harvested in a commercially large scale tidal power plant thereby contributing to Europe's vision for zero emissions by 2050.

The demand for sustainable and cost effective clean energy has increased dramatically over recent years and will continue for years to come. Global emissions must be lowered significantly in line with the worlds increasing energy needs. All governments have a responsibility to drive investment in renewable technology and support the development of enough clean energy to cover future demands. Together with our tidal plant technology partners we will contribute to shaping the future of energy and will be an active contributor to the EU reaching its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

In comparison to wind and solar power, tidal power is an even more predictable energy source which is a base component in the electricity grid to ensure grid stability. In addition, tidal power does not represent any visual or sound pollution. We believe therefore that tidal power will be an important energy source in the worlds future energy mix.