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Norwegian Tidal Solutions AS was established in January 2016 by Roar Kristensen, a qualified electro technician and automator with a strong wide-ranging background including residential installation as well as the commercial and industrial installation of modules and platforms for the oil and gas industry both on- and offshore. Roar has 20 years experience in the ROV sector offshore where he began his career as a ROV trainee working up to a ROV supervisory role gaining excellent subsea experience within the oil and gas industry.

Due to climate change and the Paris Agreement, the world has demanded the transfer from fossil energy to renewable energy. Globally, energy production is truly the futures most important environmental development. If we do not manage to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions, both the environment and humankind will pay the price in the future.

Norwegian Tidal Solutions was established in the aftermath of the Paris Agreement and will be a provider of tidal power plants to the global market, producing cost effective clean and renewable energy.

The company has been validated by Innovation Norway (IN) which has rated it as innovative and they have funded the company in the amount of 100 000NOK to research its market viability.

We have entered an incubator agreement with Valide and we have partnered with Bjørn Hansen AS who will produce and deliver the turbine house in concrete for our tidal power plant.

We have also entered an agreement with The University of Stavanger who are our R&D partner. The University has carried out CFD simulations of our tidal power plant and have verified that our concept is feasible viewed from a fluid dynamics perspective and that The Cubes design produces an increased effect of 50%. If we stack 16 cubes together in a grid of 4x4 we can obtain an increased effect of 215%. This R&D preliminary project has been supported by VRI - Rogaland in the amount of 150 000NOK.

Norwegian Tidal Solutions have also entered an agreement with Framo AS who will produce and deliver tidal turbine for our tidal power plant.