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Norwegian Tidal Solutions AS has developed a submerged tidal power plant for converting tidal water and ocean currents into electrical energy. The tidal power plant is patented in Norway, Great Britain, France, Ireland, USA and South Korea.

The tidal power plant is modular and can be scaled up according to the tidal site and need. A micro power plant can consist of one single module or turbine house from 100 KW capacity, while a larger power plant can consist of several hundred turbine houses stacked together in such a way that we can increase energy production by over 200% (compared with free standing turbines) where combined installed effect can reach over tens of megawatt.

The turbine houses Venturi shape makes it possible to reach operational water speeds for a larger part of the tidal wave than for free standing turbines. Thus, full energy production can already be achieved at an early stage in the tidal wave.

The technology allows us to take out the turbine for maintenance without the need to take up the turbine houses so the turbines can be changed out independently of each other and where they are positioned in the power plant.

By using concrete in the power plants main construction we can achieve a lifetime of up to 100 years. By using a bidirectional turbine the turbine will produce electricity independent of the current direction and by using a PM generator the turbine can rotate slowly without using a gear box and will therefore be a completely oil-free turbine.

The turbines in the power plant work independently of each other so that even if some turbines should fail, we still maintain high energy production.

The tidal power plant is scalable as the turbine houses can be placed side by side and can be stacked high. The plant is also flexible in that the power plant can be designed in several different ways either fully automated or ROV operated and designed according to the particular tidal water current and customers requirements.